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Veteran Master Cosmetologist,​ best selling author, and certified public speaker, who guides new and existing Cosmetologists and Barbers in creating a successful but legitimate practice by assisting them in attracting consistent revenue, introducing them to the benefits of being “legit', and giving them the secrets to avoiding being sued and/or audited. Helping others is the meaning of her name. 

At one time, I did not file taxes and I did not realize how important that was until I saw it on paper. The Social Security Administration mails out a projection of your payout when you retire at your retirement year. I saw that I was “off the grid’ for 2 years (1987 and 1988). This means that I did not pay or get paid so; I would NOT receive anything for those two years even though, I worked those two years! I DID NOT EXIST! WOW! I had to get it together! Once I did what I needed to do, which was file taxes and understand what establishing my business meant, I ended up getting money back for my deductions AND pay into Social Security. I miraculously reappeared and I could move on LEGALLY.

So You Want To Do Hair Book Reviews


 D. Green Joseph (Denise)

Book Review - So, You want to do hair....

  It is well written and informative. It is just enough information and personalized so that the reader is not overwhelmed. The format is simple and spacious. Actually, it is one of those go-to guides that can be kept close for periodic reference as entrepreneurs grow their business and not just cosmetology! I plan to pass it on to the young lady I mentioned who has expressed an interest in the "hair business”. Thank you for the opportunity to review your book.  

Precious R.

So, You Want To Do Hair……

A Quick Read, No Sugar Coating

April 13, 2019

Sondra really shares her knowledge so future cosmetologist behind her can learn from her mistakes. The eye opening and thought-provoking questions asked to get you thinking about the financial side of your salon business. The nuggets that Sondra shares can be applied no matter what business you are in. In my opinion, there are not enough experienced leaders like Sondra teaching the fundamentals cosmetologist need to survive in this business. This book is written in such a way that you can relate to it and it’s easy to read. When I was in cosmetology school, I wish someone had told me what it REALLY takes financially to run a salon business.

Tina Giles Herrera July 22, 2019

Props to my friend Sondra!!  This is a great, quick read to help young professionals working in the hair industry!!  I strongly urge those aspiring cosmetology professionals to “buy this book” now!!  It will help you avoid many pitfalls that Sondra experienced when she first started out!!  Her “nuggets” of wisdom are priceless!!!   

Congratulations Sondra!!  This is a winner - simple and easy to understand.  All the readers need to do is apply these wonderful steps to differentiate themselves from others who just “fix hair”!  


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